CrossCare opnieuw genomineerd voor Living Lab Projects van ENoLL

Na de succesvolle edities van de afgelopen twee jaar, heeft ENoLL opnieuw de competitie voor beste Living Lab Project geopend. Alle ENoLL-leden zijn uitgenodigd om deel te nemen en een of meerdere projecten in te dienen waaraan ze in 2018 hebben gewerkt. Als gevolg daarvan zijn er 14 projecten genomineerd waaraan ENOLL-leden uit verschillende landen vorig jaar hebben gewerkt.

CrossCare is, net als vorig jaar, één van de genomineerde projecten en maakt kans om te winnen.
Er kan tot zondag 31 maart 2019 worden gestemd. De drie winnaars van dit jaar krijgen de kans om deel te nemen aan de OpenLivingLab Days 2019 (3 to 5 September 2019 in Griekenland).

Stem hier op CrossCare

De projecten zijn allemaal verschillend van aard en kennen verschillende thema’s. Hieronder een overzicht in het Engels van alle projecten:

Bașakșehir – Eyedius
Eyedius mobile solutions is a service that helps you manage access controls, intercom, field tasks, tour controls & services inside or outside your work zones. The aim of this project is to eliminate the old technology devices such as RFID cards, readers, reader cables and similar contact based devices in order to make the use of our smartphones and tablets more efficient.

Coventry – MiFriendly Cities
MiFriendly Cities project is a 3-year project that will look to develop innovative, community-led and sustainable approaches to enhancing the contribution of refugees and migrants across the region.

Brainport Eindhoven – CrossCare
The CrossCare project stimulates, supports and accelerates innovations in healthcare. CrossCare contributes to the development and implementation of healthcare innovations (product, service, concept).

Future Self and Design Living Lab – ‘A-Better-Visit’
The ‘A-Better-Visit’ games are focusing on improving communication avenues for people living with advanced dementia. A number of playful activities were designed to enhance a person’s ability to share experiences and social interactions with visiting partners and family members for “a better visit”. The app uses a range of sensory stimulants, such as sound, music and familiar imagery to facilitate engagement and conversation.

Greater Copenhagen Living Lab – Collaboratorium for Climate Adaption
Outcome of this project is an online platform where data is shown with user-friendly interactive 3D models especially interesting for local climate adaptation projects. The project uses drones in order to collect data.

Hub.Brussels – Smart Retails City Lab
This project aims to define the concept of smart city applied to the retail sector by introducing a platform on which guidelines, best practices and methodologies for smart retail cities are presented. The platform is used by all actors of the quadruple helix (businesses, citizens, universities, and public authorities) who want to create smart specialisation strategy on their territory.

imec.livinglabs – City of People
Through the project the problems of loneliness and isolation that senior citizens face have been tackled. The project aims to co-create innovative solutions for complex socially relevant challenges. Following a living lab methodology, citizens and civil organisations of the city of Ghent had a central role in this project.

K8 – Resonances – The long waves of Utopia
The project examines digital cultural heritage through interactive / immersive visualization prototyping workshops. An exhibition was set up during which participants could explore architectural cultural heritage strategies with the use of Virtual Reality and multi-touch interface design devices.

Library Living Lab – Citizens co-creating the city’s cultural heritage
The project aims to create a 3D digital version of the 144 Capitals of the Cloister of the Monestry of Sant Cugat del Vallès, the Jewel of the crown of Romanesque heritage in the Region. The digital objects created will allow to develop new services and products around them, redefining both the role of the public space and the role of the citizens as creators of (digital) cultural heritage.

Shanghai Living Lab – NICE2035 Living Line
The project adopts a design-driven Living Lab approach to create and enable an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship on a small street within an old residential community near a College. It houses a series of research labs and start-ups, each explores future living with distinct focuses ranging from food and dining, entertainment, mobility, and co-working, to AI, robotics, and advanced manufacturing.

MediaLab UGR – Forum Albaicín and Sacromonte in Granada about Sustainable Tourism
The project is a joint initiative of the University of Granada and the Local Government to address the challenges generated by the tourism pressures in the historical neighbourhoods of Albaicín and Sacromonte. Eight labs, open to participation of residents and stakeholders, were organised to design innovative solutions to promote sustainable tourism. Results include good practices guides and the resolution of neighbourhoods problems.

PRAXLABS – Cognitive Village
The smart village living lab project is concerned with older people’s living conditions in rural areas. The project focuses on the people living in rural areas. One of the focus points of the project is the community interactions in the context of the local protestant parish and how this social participation can be fostered between older adults living in seven different villages.

CAPTAIN aims to develop a smart, personalised digital home assistant that will support older adults in their everyday life activities. CAPTAIN uses projected tangible interface and state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring aiming to provide friendly user interface for older adults while collecting valuable data that will drive coaching activities.

Urban Hub – Bibliolab
Bibliolab aims at connecting public libraries to one another to enhance encounters and interactions between the users. This project is a great opportunity to bring telepresence technology to a social use to share cultural, educational and collaborative experiences.

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